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Tips For Your COVID-19 Summer

Summertime is here! This summer is shaping out to be a bit different than usual, which may make you wonder what summer activities are safe. Unlike early predictions that the current pandemic would be over by the summer, COVID-19 is still around. To make the most of summer and lower the risk of COVID-19, we recommend taking precautions.

1. Keep calm and keep your distance

Despite the lack of festivals this summer, there are still higher risk places for contracting the virus. Whether you visit the pool, a hotel, or a camping spot, or take to the streets to protest, make sure to keep your distance and have a mask at your fingertips. Carry a disinfectant with you.

2. Disinfect and sanitise frequently

If you have opted for a holiday, make sure to check your hotel’s website and client feedback in advance to make sure they have upped their safety and cleaning measures. If you decide to go camping or stay at a rental home you may want to pick some detergents and disinfectants in advance.

3. Stay informed about COVID-19 news

While it may be tempting to filter your content and ‘escape’ from the current situation, it is vital to keep track of incoming news. It may turn out that there is a coronavirus outbreak nearby. Similarly, people who leave the country may suddenly find themselves stuck abroad.

4. Plan ahead and beat the crowds

Not literally, of course. If your favourite places can get busy at peak times, make sure to visit them at off-peak times. Staying in the city? What a great opportunity to explore your neighbourhood or less frequented parts of the city. Get a bike and learn more about your community.

5. Don’t cancel summer 2020, adapt

Enjoying summer in the current situation may sound daunting but it is doable, even if you need to scale down your ambitious goals, be a bit more flexible, and stay vigilant. It is a great opportunity to get active post-quarantine, absorb some of that sunshine vitamin, and reconnect with the world.