V Guard

Product Details

V Clean Universal Multi-Surfaces Disinfectant Cleaner

COVID-19 certified
For disinfection of surfaces
Formula with silver nanoparticles
Silver ions for long-term disinfection
Against bacteria, germs & dirt
Removes pathogens, grease & stains
Fresh lime scent
For everyday use

V Clean Universal will keep your high-traffic areas clean and disinfected!

The universal cleaner will help you keep bacteria, germs, and dirt away. Spray and clean all your high-touch areas to remove pathogens, grease, and stains. The potent formula is fortified with silver nanoparticles to achieve better results. V Clean Universal leaves nothing behind but a fresh lime scent!

Spray the spot you want to treat and use a mop. No need to rinse.

Warning: For external use only!
Keep out of the reach of children and pets.

Brand: V Clean
Usage: Surfaces
Fragrance: Lime

Type: Pump
Substance: Liquid
Volume: 750 ml

Key Ingredients

Almond Oil For
Smooth Skin

Fresh Lemon

Softening Elements

Advanced Ethanol

Product Benefits

Desinfect Everything You Touch The advanced nano-silver formula has antiviral and antifungal properties that kill 99.9% of all bacteria on the spot. It delivers long-lasting results and leaves a fresh lime scent.

How To Use

Light Switches

Disinfect Door

Disinfect Your

Disinfect Your

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