V Guard

Product Details

V Clean Floor Universal Floor Surfaces Disinfectant Cleaner

COVID-19 certified
For disinfection of floors
Formula with silver nanoparticles
Silver ions for long-term disinfection
Prevents the spread of germs
Prevents the transfer of germs
Fresh orange scent
For everyday use

V Clean Floor Cleaner will prevent the transfer of germs to other surfaces!

The floor cleaner will help you keep all your floors clean and disinfected. Spray and mop all your floor surfaces to prevent the spread of germs. The potent formula is fortified with silver nanoparticles to achieve better results. V Clean Floor Cleaner leaves nothing behind but a fresh orange scent!

Spray the spot you want to treat and use a mop. No need to rinse.

Warning: For external use only!
Keep out of the reach of children and pets.

Brand: V Clean
Usage: Floors
Fragrance: Orange

Type: Pump
Substance: Liquid
Volume: 750 ml

Key Ingredients

Almond Oil For
Smooth Skin

Fresh Lemon

Softening Elements

Advanced Ethanol

Product Benefits

Desinfect Your Floors The advanced nano-silver formula has antiviral and antifungal properties that kill 99.9% of all bacteria on the spot. It delivers long-lasting results and leaves a fresh orange scent.

How To Use

Suitable for
Ceramic Tiles

Suitable for
Natural Stone

Suitable for

Suitable for

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