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Debunking Coronavirus Myths

Even though COVID-19 has been a hot topic worldwide, due to the overwhelming number of publications and social media posts, it has also spawned some dangerous misconceptions. This is not a strange phenomenon given the amount of disinformation, fake news, as well as public concern.

To help, we decided to round up some of these circulating myths. We picked some that we thought are potentially harmful, as well as some recurring ones. One final note, since we are still on our way to learning more about the virus, it is up to us to maintain the best practices and take care of ourselves, as well as our community. Here we go:

1. Disinfecting = cleaning

Disinfecting and cleaning aren’t the same, just like there’s a difference between viruses and bacteria. Cleaning your home would help you get rid of dirt and impurities. It would also help you reduce the number of germs on your surfaces. Disinfecting kills them.

2. Any bleach will do

If you want to disinfect and sanitize your surroundings you may choose to do so with bleach. Always check if it is suitable for disinfection (with 5-6% sodium hypochlorite concentration), it hasn’t expired yet, and that you use the diluted solution within 24h. NEVER use on skin or ingest.

3. Disinfect the dog? Spoiler: NO

Although there are a couple of rare cases where pets contracted COVID-19 from people, no pet has been reported to be able to infect their owner with the virus. Keep your disinfectants away from the reach of children and pets because ingesting these can be damaging.

4. Wearing gloves = more effective than hand washing

Regular hand washing is still the top recommendation for COVID-19 prevention. If you choose to wear gloves make sure to wash hands first, put on clean gloves first, then put on a clean mask. When you are ready to take them off, take gloves off, wash hands, then take the mask off.

5. 5G spreads Coronavirus…

While it actually deserves the first spot in our myth debunking list, the 5G conspiracy has hopefully already been fully debunked. Your phone however is among the so-called ‘high-touch’ surfaces and needs regular disinfection. Get a wipeable clean cover, use wipes or a spray and dry thoroughly.