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Back To The Office Post COVID-19

Going back to the office after COVID-19, just like every other step back to our pre-COVID-19 life, needs to be done gradually and carefully. It is important to take care of your staff and take measures to make sure no one gets sick. In case any of your workers contract coronavirus, it is vital to limit the spread of the disease on time.

Just like your home, the office is an area that also contains a variety of high-touch surfaces. It can also probably be considered more crowded than in your home area. If your business relies on face-to-face communication or meetings, it might need to find a way to adjust. Business trips are another factor that should also be taken into consideration.

Disinfect air?

While there are some products on the market that claim to disinfect or purify the air, there isn’t a proven solution for air disinfection. What you can do instead is make sure the area is ventilated, especially while using disinfectants. Leave the windows open.

Disinfect your surroundings

Make sure those in charge of this task have suitable protective clothing and that the windows are open. Follow the instructions provided on the cleaning supplies. First, clean the surface with soap and water or detergent, wipe, and follow with a disinfectant. Instruct staff to keep high-touch surfaces clean.

Switch to video conferencing

Thanks to Zoom, it is easy to stay connected and hold virtual office meetings. One tip: don’t forget to send a quick summary of the meetings or to send a quick follow-up email to make sure everything and everyone has caught up with the latest. Alternatively, arrange the meetings outside in the open air.

Encourage social distancing

Work closely with your employees and make sure both sides are cooperative. Talk with them about using the common areas in the office, like a designated lunch area or a break room. Limit sharing of food items and stationery. Allow home office days and encourage your workers to stay home if they are sick.