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V Guard Mission

Slide 1 V Guard Mission Our core mission is to fortify your defense against harmful, wide-spread viruses and bacteria. We are constantly analyzing and innovating our biocide formulas in order to best prepare you to wage war on the ever-evolving viruses.

For over 30 years we have been creating innovative solutions for personal, domestic and industrial chemical products. In the last 3 years we have built a new, state of the art chemical manufacturing facility equipped with one of the most technologically sophisticated research and development labs in the country. The widespread COVID19 pandemic has put us on the path of developing a new breed of biocide disinfectants and cleaners leading to the start of VGUARD.

V Guard Personal Care

View More From our family to yours! We know that protecting your loved ones is your highest priority. That’s why we aim to offer the perfect tailored solutions for the whole family.
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the skin

V Guard Professional Solutions

Professional solutions for your office and business Fortify the defences of your office or business space against harmful, wide-spread viruses and bacterias with our V Guard Professional Solutions.
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V Clean Domestic Disinfectants

V Clean Home & Office Care Removes all dirt and kills 99.9% of all germs, leaving nothing but a fresh scent behind! View More

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